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Participants   參加對象
Students enrolled in bachelor’s, master’s or doctoral level International Higher Education Scholarship Programs at any TICA university may participate individually or with a team and have to meet the following conditions:
  • First-year undergraduate students are NOT eligible.
  • Those participating individually must be TaiwanICDF scholarship students.
  • Each team should be comprised of at least one TaiwanICDF scholarship student.
  • Each paper should be mentored by a faculty advisor, and each faculty advisor may only advise up to two papers.

「國際高等教育合作策略聯盟」 (Taiwan International Cooperation Alliance, TICA) 盟校「國際高等人力培訓外籍生獎學金計畫」之博、碩及學士學生,可個別或組隊參加,並需符合以下條件:
  • 一年級學士學生不可參加
  • 個人參賽者須為國合會受獎生
  • 組隊參賽組有一名為國合會受獎生即可
  • 每篇論文須由乙名指導教授帶領,且每位指導教授至多可指導二篇論文參賽

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